Fuel Consumption Of Oil Air Separator Filters

About the Fuel Consumption of Oil Air Separator Filter
1. The operational or environmental conditions will influence the oil level in the oil groove, which is used to contain the returned oil.
2. Aside from the above factors, the oil gasification degree will also affect the fuel consumption.

Reasons of Increasing Fuel Consumption
A. The blocking of oil return pipe
B. Oil type, oil vapor
C. Overfill oil groove
D. Bubble that appears during the air discharging
E. The fluctuation or back flow of compressed air
F. Temperature, airflow velocity, and service life

Oil Management
A. Regular oil replacement
B. Regular filter replacement
C. Oil compatibility
D. Impurities contained in the oil

Oil Selection
A. Aging resistance
B. Adaptability of air compressor
C. The separating property between air and oil

Operation Conditions
A. Environment Temperature
B. Oil temperature, the cooling of assembling unit
C. Foreign matters in the air
D. The surface flow velocity of filter element
E. Emptying, backflow, and fluctuation are forbidden.