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Kobelco Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air Filters

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The air filter made for Kobelco screw air compressor not only features beautiful, elegant appearance, but also comes with a long service life of 2,000 hours. It is designed to offer 100% pure compressed air, which is beneficial for you to reduce the operation cost.

1. Prior to the forming, the filter paper needs to be folded. And its temperature should be controlled within 20℃ to 100℃, which allows the easy molding treatment and long-term unchanged shape.
2. To prolong the filter paper service life, the raised part used to maintain the space is pressed into the filer paper.
3. Due to the combination of the space support and optimized fold shape, the maximum filtering area can be obtained in the relatively small space.

Our qualified product has numerous varieties. Besides that, we will offer the first-class service to meet your comprehensive requirements.

Original Part No. AIRPULL Part No.
S-CE05-503 96 910 16 350
S-CE05-504 96 910 18 390
P-CE05-531 96 920 20 300
P-CE05-516#01 96 900 13 225
P-F04-3001 96 920 29 300
P-CE05-532#01 96 900 20 130
P-CE05-531#01 96 920 20 211
S-CE05-503 96 910 16 350

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