1. Ingersoll Rand Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air Oil SeparatorThis product uses the micron glass fiber to separate the vaporous oil from the compressed air. Then large oil drops coalesced from the vaporous oil will be accumulated under the affect of gravity. Finally, the accumulated oil will turn back to the oil line of the compressor. In this regard, this micron separation minimizes the oil consumption of the air compressor.
    1. Atlas Copco Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air oil SeparatorDiversified in variety and stable in performance, the air oil separator specifically dedicated for the Atlas Copco screw air compressor enjoys a favorable reception from the overseas clients. It comes with the service life up to 4,000hours. With this product, the oil content of the compressed air can be controlled within 3 to 6ppm.
    1. Fusheng Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air Oil SeparatorA safety valve is set on the cap of the air oil separator. When the pressure inside the separator is 1.1 times more than the set value, it will automatically open to discharge some air for lowering the pressure. When the air compressor is working, you can slightly pull the rod on the safety valve. If the valve can exhaust outward, then it needs no replacement or repairing.
    1. Compair Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air Oil SeparatorStop the air compressor and close its outlet. Open the water escape valve to allow the zero pressure of the system.
      Dismantle the pipe on the upper part of the oil-gas barrel. Meanwhile, dismantle the pipe from the cooler to the outlet of pressure maintaining valve.
    1. Hitachi Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air oil SeparatorYou should replace the separator, when the differential pressure between its both ends reaches 0.15MPa. In addition, zero differential pressure indicates the short circuit of airflow or the fault of the filter element. Under such situation, you also should change the separator with the new one.
    1. Kobelco Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air Oil SeparatorThis separator of firm mainframe structure is made of the filter paper imported from Korea or America. It is manufactured in line with the ISO9001: 2008 quality control system.
      It is flexible, and has excellent compressive resistance. This product has a strong dirt handling capacity.
    1. Mann Screw Air Compressor Replacement Parts, Air Oil SeparatorThe air oil separator specialized for Mann screw air compressor is highly efficient and reliable in performance. In general, the working pressure ranges from 0.7Mpa to 1.0Mpa, while the initial differential pressure is from 0.15bar to 0.25bar. Additionally, our product allows the oil content of the compressed air to be controlled within 3 to 6ppm.

Air Oil Separator

An air oil separator removes the lubricating oil from the compressed air, thus obtaining the pure compressed air. It could be external or built-in type. With numerous varieties, this product can be used to the screw air compressors of the brands, including Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Sullair, Fusheng, etc. It can be applied in the industries, including oil, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, electronics, natural gas, and more.

Generally, the cap of the traditional air oil separator is easy to fall off, due to the high temperature. But our newly designed separator has no such problem. It can help the client lower the cost by 2,000,000 Yuan or so. Currently, it has obtained the patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China. We can arrange the production for you, only if you can offer the part number.

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