• VCS and GHG
  • Our Company is always committed to the energy saving and environmental protection. All of our filters are made of American HV glass fiber to offer excellent filtering effect, thus helping the client to save the cost and prolong ...
  • Production Technology
  • Automatic Wrapping Machine: It can automatically wrap the framework with the filter paper of desired layers. Compared to the manual wrapping, this machine can effectively ensure the uniformity, high quality of the product. It also helps ...
  • Technical Support
  • Stop the air compressor and close its outlet. Open the water escape valve to make sure the zero pressure of the system. Dismantle the pipe on the upper part of the oil-gas barrel. Simultaneously, dismantle the pipe ...
Main products
    1. Oil FiltersThe oil filter made from high-accurate filter paper or glass fiber, is designed to remove particles...
    1. Air Oil SeparatorAn air oil separator removes the lubricating oil from the compressed air, thus obtaining the pure ...
    1. Air FiltersThis air filter is designed to remove dirt or dust from the air. It can significantly lower the ...

Air Compressor Filter Manufacturer

Started in 1996, Airpull (Shanghai) Filter has since matured into a definitive manufacturer of air compressor filters. As a hi-tech Chinese enterprise in a modern era, our company has demonstrated a professional aptitude for design, production, and distribution. We offer a wide variety of air compressor replacement parts including high-grade components such as air filters, oil filters, and air oil separators. These products are specifically designed to be compatible with ...

  • Exhibition Information
    1. Inter Mach 2016
      Date: 2016.05.11-05.14
      Venue: Hall 101 Bitec Bangkok
      Booth No.: Y28

      Date: 2016.05.25-05.28
      Venue: Putra World Trade Center
      Booth No.: 3654

      MTAVIETNAM 2016
      Date: 2016.07.05-07.08
      Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
      Booth No.: AN1-7

  • Production Equipment
  • Oven: It is used to make the filter paper to be with normal hardness and moisture content.
    Automatic Wrapping Machine: It can automatically, directly wrap the filter paper onto the framework. In contrast to the manual wrapping, it offers higher production efficiency.
    Paper Folding Machine 1: It is applied to press the filter paper to be with middle part wider than both ends ...